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A Closet Creative.

Fear has driven me away from what I am most passionate about.

Fear has told me that if I'm not good enough now, I never will be.

Fear has discouraged me and belittled me.

I will conquer fear.


  • I'm a writer. I write what I feel, I write what I dream, I write what I think. I've written all sorts of things like short stories, often based on vivid dreams I've had, sleep tip blogs, and even a couple scripts. To read some of my work, click "read" from the menu.

  • I'm a video creator. It all began with my broadcast journalism class in high school. Fast forward to today, I've created videos to document travel experiences, celebrate birthdays, and promote businesses. To watch some of my work, click "watch" in the menu.


  • I am a singer. My passion for music comes from my parents who sang me to sleep most nights and always had music on in the car. I also grew up in a church that sang loud and proud every Sunday. My stage fright has hindered my performing opportunities but to see some of those limited performances as well as my apartment sessions, click "listen" in the menu.

  • I am a dreamer. I've always had big dreams and big wishes and have known somewhere in my heart that I was meant for more. For my headshots, click "look" in the menu. For my official CV, hover on "contact"


Kinetic Studios

Production Assistant / June 2021

Assisted on the set of special segments filmed for Married At First Sight on Lifetime

Bette Productions

Production Assistant / June 2021

Assisted in the Production Office on the set of promos taped for The Bachelorette.

Jones in Film LLC

Production Assistant / February 2021

Worked on the music video set for local Milwaukee band, You Win !!! for their song "Painmonger".



Blind Dating at Happy Hour 

Cast as the co-lead, Allie, who is a strong and sassy  bartender with a secret. Performed at the Memories Ballroom in Port Washington, WI.

WSMP Live Radio ShowCast member 

Performed solo songs and several duets during my time as a cast member for the 2017, 2018, & 2019 WSMP live radio shows.

Voice Over Work

Kenya's Light- Center for Single Mothers

Narrated a donor outreach video for Kenya's Light which provides support for young single mothers who have been sexually assaulted and shunned from their families.


2010-2015 University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

Bachelor's Degree in Communications

Whitewater, WI


  • Exceptional effective written and verbal communication

  • Clean driving record and valid drivers license

  • Can type 64 WPM

  • Quick and enthusiastic learner

  • Relationship building

  • Project management

  • Schedule management

  • Technologically savvy

  • Flexible and adaptable to change

  • Takes initiative

  • Positive attitude

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