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War on Prom

It’s actually odd that I wasn’t all that excited about it. I love everything about the idea of prom; the dresses, the dancing, the dinner, the pictures. I just couldn’t find any enthusiasm for it. In fact, I bought my dress at the very last minute because for some reason, I just didn’t take the time. I settled for a rather ugly white bedazzled dress and I learned that I unknowingly followed some sort of theme; most other girls were wearing white dresses too. I arrived so late at the venue to change that I had to stand in a line for the changing area. All of my friends had beat me there so I was forced to wait outside for a room to open up by myself.

Where I waited, also sat my friend, Taylor. She was reading a book and didn’t seem to know I was there. Unsure of if I should interrupt her reading, I played on my phone. A minute or two later, she noticed me and we started talking. We chatted long enough that I lost my place in line and kind of even forgot why I was sitting here. I saw all of the other girls lined up and ready to go to prom so I decided to skip the changing room and quickly slid into my white dress. It was much too tight and restricted my ability to walk, so this was going to be a challenge.

As we waited to process into the venue, gunshots were suddenly fired and bombs started going off. I had known there was a war going on but why this prom was being attacked was a mystery. I found my sister, Erika, who hadn’t gotten ready for prom yet. We went to gather our things and make a run for it but I couldn’t find my purse, only my duffle bag. I spent way too much time panicking about not having my purse while Erika and her boyfriend, Scott tried to find a way out to get help. They decided that swimming was our best option and we all took off. Since I was wearing my restricting dress, Erika swam ahead with my duffle bag as I absolutely struggled. It was one of those feelings where I felt like I was swimming against a current but the water was perfectly still.

I knew I wasn’t going to make it to where Erika and Scott were headed so I let them go on and I swam back to the venue. I hoped to at least find a gun so I could defend myself but was having extremely poor luck with that sub-mission. As I moved closer to the prom venue, I heard the voices of the attackers. They called themselves the Ravagers. I officially gave up on finding a weapon for self defense and instead I found a hiding spot near where the Ravagers were plotting so I could listen to their plan. I overheard them say that they were going to bomb the entire building which would cause a blackout in the entire city. Without thinking about it, literally at all, I jumped out of my spot to intervene. Thinking fast, I decided to play the role of the idiot and started asking them who they were and if they could help me pick sides for the war. It was a totally ridiculous play, I know, but not entirely ridiculous because the leader of this pack, Drax, fell for my trap. He began to explain their side of the war in attempts to recruit me. In my head, I was judging this idiot for the absurdity of his beliefs but my face was showing full support and agreement. My charade distracted them long enough for Erika to return with a fleet of troops. Shots were fired again but this time they were directed at Drax and the Ravagers.

It wasn't long before the Ravagers surrendered and the chaos of the day returned to a bunch of teenagers whining about prom. As I wandered to find my shoes, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my purse. A wave of relief came over me. I grabbed it, ran back outside. I found Erika, Scott and the rest of my friends and we all went off to prom.

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