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Saving Captain America

I am in love with Captain America. I mean, who isn’t? Everyone loves Captain America. Like everyone else, I long for the day he falls in love with me too but unlike everyone else, I have saved his life.

One evening, Cap and I went to a local carnival to go on rides, play games, and eat a bunch of carnival food. You know, channel our kid-selves. We jumped onto one of the slower spinning rides and I was trying to find an inconspicuous way to get under his arm. Suddenly, the ride stopped, the lights went out, and the entire carnival went black. I heard a loud yell from someone much too close to me. The lights turned back on and Cap had been strapped down and blood had been taken from his arm. They also must’ve slipped him some sort of sedative or poison because he was suddenly weak. I dragged him off the ride and across the carnival into an empty tent behind the games and sat him in the corner. As he fought the poison, he managed to explain that he knew what was happening. A group within S.H.I.E.L.D had gone rogue and were planning to create a Mega Avenger using the blood of all of the existing Avengers in a violent effort to both maintain order across the world and eliminate the Avengers. I needed a plan to get him an antidote because I was clearly not fit to stop any Mega-Avenger on my own. He was getting weaker by the minute and I was not going to let Captain America die on my watch.

I knew of a local seller that would likely have an antidote to save him. I would need to run there, find the correct vile, and run back before the poison took Cap away from me for good. I assured my drowsy hero that I would be right back and commanded him to stay put. I took off running toward the shop which wasn’t all that far but, given the circumstances, felt like a hundred miles away.

I got to the shop and was met with some questioning stares. I suppose it was slightly odd that I was out of breath, sweaty, and had a panicked look on my face. I walked further into the shop and was greeted with the usual cold welcome of the shops owner, half cyborg-half human, Nebula. I gave her a nod and continued on with my secret business. I mozied around the shop looking at the shelf of viles from my peripheral and spotted the exact vile I would need to save Cap. I planned my escape through the back room where I knew I would find a small window based on previous visits I had taken to the shop. When you’re friends with Captain America, you learn to be extra observant no matter where you go. Then in perfect timing, a ruckus broke out on the other side of the shop. Nebula walked away to restore order and I moved to the vile shelf. While she was distracted, I grabbed the vile, and covertly hurried into the back room to make my escape. As I stepped up to climb out of the window, a shining metal object caught my eye. It was a device that I had seen before but now understood what it’s purpose was. This was the device that would house all of the Avengers blood to create the Mega Avenger. It would be far riskier to leave it for the rogue agents than to take it and destroy it. I quickly decided to grab the device and leapt out the window.

A few seconds into my run back, the device started beeping which I assumed meant it was being tracked. I didn’t have time to overthink this new development, I had to keep running. About halfway back to the carnival I was confronted by a familiar face, an old friend of mine. She was a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and had been the one tracking me. I had to get past her even if it meant fighting her. She approached me timidly but with her fists up. She clearly wasn’t the muscle on their team but had no choice but to try and stop me since she was the first to find me. When you’re friends with Captain America, you also pick up on a couple of defense moves to use in the event of an attack so it only took about a minute to restrain her. I bound her wrists together, then to a tree, and took off.

I finally got back to the tent where I put Cap and to my surprise, he was gone. Panicked, exhausted, and slightly annoyed, I ran out as fast as I could and tried to see if he was anywhere in the crowd. I spotted him wandering in the middle of the carnival chaos and tried to shout for him. The rogue agents couldn’t have been far behind so I needed to move quickly. I slid the antidote vile in my cheek and called out to Cap again. He turned around just in time to catch me as I leapt into his arms, pressing my lips to his, and transferring the vile to his mouth for him to break and drink. Not even a minute had passed, though the moment that we shared after the kiss seemed to have stopped time, and he regained his strength. I immediately gave him the housing device which he broke into a thousand pieces with the force of his hands, gave me his shining Captain America smile, and went off to fight.

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