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Aspen is truly a place out of a storybook. Even for the extra warm blooded folk, like myself, it's impossible to stay away from the outdoors and mountains. Here is a short video to sum up a short but incredible few days in quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities in the country. 

Salary negotiation can be an uncomfortable conversation. With these tips from career counselor, Shannon, at University of the Pacific, you will obtain the confidence and knowledge to have a successful negotiation.

If you haven't been to New Orleans, add it to your travel bucket list immediately. New Orleans has a vibe that cannot be matched by any other city. You will be blown away by, not only the distant and recent history but by, the energy, the talent, and the beauty. I travelled there for a friends 21st birthday and walked away with some of the greatest travel memories I will ever possess.

Picture this: It's 2020 and it's your 30th birthday. You've been waiting for (maybe dreading) this day for the last decade or so but have always pictured this day to be a giant party. This was a reality for a lot of people this year, including my sister. Emma is an extremely well-loved, golden human being and many of her friends and family sending birthday wishes from near and far is evident of that.

Happy 30th, Em!

A sleep study is an intriguing procedure but what you may not consider is how involved the preparation work is. If you've ever considered a sleep study and wonder what it looks like to be set up for one, this video shows you just how many monitors you're hooked up to and the importance of each one. 

Voice over: Belle Eykmans

Sleep is an underrated, under-appreciated, and underestimated part of our health. Sleep is so important that if you don't get enough quality sleep, other underlying issues could potentially be magnified. Issues such as cardiovascular health are among many to name. Dr. Jay Balachandran of Ascension Wisconsin explains just how important sleep is for your heart health.

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